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Overstock is special in a way of seeing business opportunities and helping people grab them when they are about to give up. About 14 years ago, when all the dotcom businesses saw downfall, Overstock headed for building an e-commerce business by liquidating other companies’ stock they didn’t need. It gradually got stronger and stronger and eventually turned into a billion-dollar holder.

Now Overstock is more than just a liquidated stock as they provide new stock and their own branded merchandise. Overstock is now leaving competitors behind and totally beats the market sector.

When you land onto the website, you will find tidy and uncluttered interface rather than distracting elements found on other similar websites. It’s completely free from any slideshows and animations which hardly affect website usability. The color selection is free from bright tints, which makes design really accurate and light.

Website navigation is very simple and intuitive as there are just 10 dropdown menus at the top of the page. Simplicity is the guiding principle that Overstock was trying to stick to when developing their website. Everyone knows that poor navigation is what makes web projects fail. Overstock managed to successfully take all the user preferences into consideration. The website is also well prepared for working with international visitors due to effective location identification software. Clean design and friendly navigation give real value to the visitors who were fortunate enough to visit it.

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