Walmart Review

Walmart Review

Wallmart has seen true success and what is even really surprising is that it was initiated by a kid. His name was Sam Walton who received a loan from his father-in-law of $20.000. Back in 1969 the first Walmart store was opened. In almost 5 decades the business was worth over $400 billion with the total employment number of 2 million people across the world. Walmart soon moved into online shopping to keep up with the needs of a modern consumer.

There are lots of similarities in the ways Walmart, Amazon and eBay function. They all offer thousands of goods for sale and they all successfully survived dotcom crash. Walmart uses a similar product categorizing method on its website. The shopping structure of Walmart is well organized and does not have place for gaps.

In terms of website usability, Walmart website uses a simple navigation system that users enjoy. The website features seasonal offers on its homepage. Shopping with Walmart is really easy and brings positive user experience. You will also see the “Value of the Day” feature on the website where it is possible to check out price Rollbacks and special day offers. Walmart business model has been successfully working for decades and users do not miss a chance to check it out and look for something worthy to buy.

Even though it has lots of features similar to those its fellow online shopping giants have, is a really clean and uncluttered website which offers great value for good money.

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